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The cat's been shotted!

For all friends who do not speak Italian.
Thursday evening a "being" despicable
the abandoned kitten in our backyard, in end of life, on April 26.
We've been taking care of and she was returning to normal.
at 20.30p.m. before we cl...ose for sleep, has become a walk in the courtyard adjacent to ours, and the monster shot.
It weighs one kilogram:
what so much serious she can has done?
she has been operated, it is now alive, still in therapy,
but with the use of
only 3 paws ..
I know that there are things more serious in the world ,but now it would be important for us that
one who hides behind the window
would throw away the gun,
because the next time he could do even more damage.
it's hard to believe that in 2014 there are "beings"
that with a rifle in the hand, feel masters of the world.
Thank you all for your solidarity.
The cat's been shotted!
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